Russia confirms deal to supply T-90 tanks to Iraq

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Russia officially confirmed that a project to export a large batch of T-90 main battle tanks to the Iraqi Army.

Russia will supply a large batch of tanks to Iraq this year, reported TASS on Thursday, citing Vladimir Kozhin, the Russian president’s aide for military technical cooperation.

“It’s a big contract for a big batch. I cannot name the exact sum, the number of tanks is big,” confirmed Kozhin.

This batch reportedly will be followed by others. The total sum of the contract may exceed one billion U.S. dollars, a big deal for Russia’s Uralvagonzavod corporation, the supplier of the tanks.

According to the earlier report, Uralvagonzavod planned to supply 73 T-90S/SK tanks to Iraq in 2017.

The T-90S is the latest version in Russia’s T-series tanks. Equipped with powerful weapons, it is an all-weather tank with a modern fire control system, reliable armor, and high maneuverability.

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