Remdizel Unveils K-53949 Armoured Personnel Carrier at IDEX 2017

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Russian defence company JSC “Remdizel” unveiled its new K-53949 all-terrain mine resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle at this year’s IDEX exhibition.

The K-53949 is a modular armoured vehicle able to be airdropped and provides protection against new threats of modern battlefield as IEDs and mine blast.

The K-4386 chassis can be used to build a whole range of vehicles: for example, a vehicle with a two-seater personnel compartment and a module, or a vehicle with a four-seater personnel compartment.

The K-53949 is able to carry a payload of 3,000 kg and provides a protection Level 3 Stanag 4569. The K-53949 provides mine protection up to 8kg TNT for a blast under the bottom and any wheel.

The vehicle has a total weight around 14,000 kg and is motorized with 325 hp. engine coupled to 6-speed automatic transmission.

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