Practika offers upgraded versions of Kozak 2 multipurpose armored vehicle for Ukrainian army

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The Ukrainian Private Joint Stock Company Research and Production Association «Practika» has offered its new versions of Kozak 2 multipurpose armored vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard.

That was reported by “Tehnika viyni military TV show.

The Kozak 2 family of multipurpose armored vehicles was designed to provide the crew with the maximum possible safety against mines. The basic kits provides ballistic protection against light weapons fire, while the heavier kit can protect the crew from ambushes, including mines threat.

New-made Kozak 2M modification unlike regular Kozak 2, don’t use truck chassis as basis, but is made with monocoque body and independent suspension. This, in combination with CTIS, gives better off-road performance. All other construction features, including ballistic and blast protection, are equal to Kozak 2.

The Kozak 2M armored vehicle is intended for the same tasks as regular version – soldiers transporting, ambulance tasks, convoy escort, reconnaissance, fire support etc.

The Kozak 2M family consists of two versions – tactical version for small combat groups Kozak 2M.1 and reconnaissance/artillery targeting version Kozak 2M.2.