Polish Jelcz company produced more than 400 military trucks in year

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Jelcz Sp. z oo, a 100% owned HSW Stalowa Wola, is one of the fastest growing companies in the Polish Armament Group. Lorries, ordered by the military, go to the units of the armed forces regularly.

The polish Jelcz Sp. z oo company produced more than 400 military trucks in year.  JELCZ was established the 1 July 2001 as a result of economical transformation of JELCZ SA, which is a producer of well-known in Poland buses, trucks and specialized fire vehicles of JELCZ mark.

Range of activity:

  • production of truck vehicles up to 32 tons of total weight
  • production of parts and assemblies for wheeled and rail-vehicles and also devices for
  • agriculture according to provided construction documentation
  • production of spare parts for usage vehicles of JELCZ mark

Since the acquisition of the company Jelcz by HSW, production at the plant has increased from 100 units of vehicles per year to nearly 400 today. Employment has grown from about 300 people to more than 500.

Jelcz used for the production of trucks components from the best manufacturers in the world, even as motors Mercedes.

Photo : Jacek Rodecki stalowka.net

Photo : Jacek Rodecki stalowka.net

Over the next several months Jelcz completed delivery to the military 4×4 trucks . A total furnish more than 900. Units of the armed forces will need another 2,000 military  trucks. Placing the order by the Ministry of Defence in the Polish plant will also mean a lot of work for the sake of HSW, as the number of orders for the execution of components for trucks goes from the Odra to Stalowa Wola.


Photo : Jacek Rodecki stalowka.net

Photo : Jacek Rodecki stalowka.net

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