Photos: Indra 2017 tri-service military exercise between India and Russia

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Russia and India held the first tri-service Indra 2017 military exercise. The 11-day exercise, which is being carried out under the mandate of the United Nations since 19 October, saw simulations of various settings and possible exigencies in dealing with terrorists.

Speaking to the media, Maj Gen ND Prasad, the Task Force Commander of the Indian contingent expressed his happiness at the professional synergy displayed during the entire exercise not only between the Air force, Navy and the Army elements of the Indian Defence Forces, but also between the Indian and Russian Defence Forces, in spite of constraints of different language.

He stated that the manner in which the exercise is being conducted between India and Russia is a reflection of the high level of professionalism of both sides and that the exercise has proved to be a great learning ground.

Rear Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta, the Naval Component Leader and Air Commodore RGK Kapoor, the Air Force Component Leader reiterated that the synergy on display between the three services of both sides has reinforced the importance of tri-service cooperation and is the harbinger of things to come in future operations.

The last drill of Exercise Indra 2017 will be carried out on 28 Oct 2017 when the amphibious landing will take place wherein landing of ground forces at Cape of Klerk training area will be undertaken by Indian and Russian Naval Elements with Air Support.

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