PHOTO from International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2015

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IDEF 2015, 12 th International Defence Industry Fair has been managed and executed by Turkish Armed Forces Foundation under the auspices and support of Turkish Ministry of National Defence once in every odd years since 1993. IDEF has played an essential role on the development of friendship and cooperation between participant countries.








IDEF 2015, 12th International Defense Industry Fair will be organized in between 05 May, 2015 and 08 May, 2015.

The location of the Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition was selected as Tuyap Fair Convention & Congress Center.

IDEF 2015 is the platform where plenty of noteworthy solutions and products will likely be put on show. Some of these are typically Defence Industry, Army, Defense, Military, Naval, Aviation, Aerospace and Aircraft.

The amount of people anticipated to attend this Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition is close to 54000.

12th International Defense Industry Fair is organized biennially.

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