Patria to showcase at IDEX 2017 its new version of the AMV 28A combat vehicle

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At the upcoming IDEX 2017 international exhibition and conference in Abu Dhabi on 19-23 February 2017, Finnish defence group Patria will present its new version of the AMV 28A wheeled combat vehicle.

The new Patria AMV 28A is an upgraded version of Finnish 8×8 multi-role military vehicle.

The new vehicle has an elongated body and is equipped with enhanced protection , as well as remote controlled weapon station Kongsberg MCT-30 with 30mm Bushmaster Mk44, which is mounted on a lower unit, Protector M153 OWS with M2HB and Javelin anti-tank system.

Also, Patria to unveil new NEMO 120mm container mortar system at IDEX 2017. The special version of lightweight version of Patria’s Advanced Mortar System can be hidden inside a shipping container.

AMV 28A combat vehicle

AMV 28A combat vehicle


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