Patria Tests Multi-role Military Vehicle Above the Arctic Circle

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The Finnish company Patria test AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) 8×8 multi-role military vehicle in the extreme environment of the high Arctic.

The Patria AMV armoured wheeled vehicle proves its capabilities during winter tests in Lapland, 250 km above the Arctic Circle.

The Patria AMV (armoured modular vehicle) was developed by the Finnish company Patria Vehicles in close cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces.

The Patria AMV is in serial production and over 200 vehicles have been delivered. It has been selected by Croatia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia and South Africa.

The production of the XA-series wheeled armoured personnel carriers started in 1984. Since then Patria Vehicles has manufactured uninterruptedly more than 1,200 XA-series armoured wheeled vehicles in many different versions.

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