Overview of IDET 2017 International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

IDET, International Fair of Defence and Security Technology 31 May – 3 June 2017
Brno, Czech Republic, is one of the biggest shows of defence technology in Central and Eastern Europe. Exhibitors from ca. 30 countries present their products to international military delegations and professionals from all over the world. In 2005 IDET was the largest trade show in this field in Europe and since 1997 it has been number one in Europe in odd years.

Our friends from Armáda Ruskej Federácie prepared interesting material about the visit at the exhibition IDET 2017 International Defence and Security Technologies Fair, is one of the biggest shows of defence technology in Central and Eastern Europe.

When we came to the IDET, first what we saw was some high ranked soldiers and people who may buy some millitary software.We felt like these people dont want us there but since we came for millitary stuff we didnt really care. One thing I can say.

We felt like these people dont want us there but since we came for millitary stuff we didnt really care. One thing I can say.

Basic soldiers from either Czech ACR or Slovak OS SR were really nice and you could talk with them and ask questions.

Near the entrance you could see all the flags of nations who probably participated in this event. We saw flags like Ukraine and Izrael even tho we didnt see anything from Ukraine there and only one verry small part of Izrael.

Thats actually quite sad because it would be nice to see Megach, Merkava (which is in Czech Republic) or Ukrainian upgrade for tank OPLOT.

We didnt see either of these but Izraelis atleast had promo videos for their tanks on the screen (mostly that upgraded version of M-60 which was verry easly destroyed in Syria not that long away when Turks made an offensive). There were many countries presenting their own equipment but our attention got LYNX. Vehicle which is not that old, quite expensive and for sale. I wanted to take a photo of interier of that vehicle but there was a guy standing near me. I guess he was placed there to protect this new equipment and he asked me to not take a photos of inside of that vehicle.

We started to move around the hall and we saw some nice hardware or software. There was a place where soldiers were showing how they train in simulators such as ARMA. We also saw some simulators probably and only for militarry because there were some verry special
air simulators. Also we saw HUDS from F-16 which was quite nice.

When we came out for outdoor exhibition we saw some new tank which we didnt know. We knew its not M4 version of Czech tank and we did also know that its not Slovak and we wondered. In the end we realised that its a tank from Excalibur which is also for sale and is looking for countries to buy it. Tank basically looked verry capable in terms of frontal armor but the rear/side protection was not looking that good. Not sure if it had that some more advanced defense systems. Later we stopped at the “bunker” that was created by Czech
Republic and is currently “being inserted” into Army.

We talk about “IGLU” which is basically a small “above ground” bunker for more dangerous zones. I asked the soldier who was standing there how much of protection does it give to people inside. He answered me that this bunker or controll command center has a protection against small firearms such as pistols, small machine guns or assault rifles but there is a possibility to upgrade it with some aditionall layers of protection which would make it possible to withstand also hit from RPG which is actually quite nice.

I also asked how long does it take to make it functional because there was written in the text that it taked like 12 hours which is verry lot. He told me that they can build it in less than 6 hours which is actually not that bad. At this point I realized that what is written in the text/description is not really truth in most cases. Czechs are also working with new type of radar which is verry sensitive but not for long distances. Actually I would say it is radar that is used to track down radars or small flying objects. Radar was fully working and the display was showing distance of city BRNO.

One thing whis we see as a very nice was security. You had to walk throught detectors and they wanted to see what you have inside your back. Only 1 problem with that was that you had to do it all the time you wanted to walk in or out it means you did it atleast 5 or more times.

The heat and walking was killing us so we sat near MI-24/35 – amazing hardware. We heared many people who walked around us to admire this machine and even more people were taking pictures. You could also take a look inside of pilot and gunner seats and kids were also alloved to sit there for a moment.

To be honest we expected this event to be a little bit bigger. In Slovak IDEB there were more armored trucks and hardcore millitary stuff compared to this event tho Brno arena was XXX times bigger. In the end we see this event as verry nice and it definitelly boosted our overwiev in millitary world.

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