New Cougar light armoured personnel carrier of Yemen’s National Army arrived to Marib

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The new Cougar light armoured personnel carrier  of  Yemen’s National Army arrived to Marib.  Undisclosed number of new Cougar 4×4 supplied by the Saudi-led Coalition to Yemen’s National Army.

The Cougar 4×4 is a light armoured vehicle personnel carrier based on the chassis of Toyota Land Cruiser 79 vehicles and designed and manufactured by the Defence Company Streit Group. The Cougar is based on a Toyota chassis adapted to be used as all-terrain military vehicle.

The Cougar is an excellent fighting platform with turret capabilities and options for weapon stations. It is ideally suited to returning fire in a convoy escort assault scenario. Cougar is an ideal APC that handles well on rough terrains and facilitates the users with ultimate maneuverability on and off-road.

Now, instead of the old version Streit Group launched a new Cougar -LAMV armoured personnel carrier.

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