National Guard of Ukraine received five KRAZ SHREK new mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, reported It was jointly developed by Streit Group of Canada and AutoKrAZ of Ukraine. It is based on a KrAZ-5233 4×4 all-terrain military truck. This vehicle is being proposed for possible customers both by AvtoKrAZ and Streit Group. Senegal became the first customer of this MRAP vehicle. A total of 10 vehicles were delivered in 2014 and Ukraine buy 5 vehicles.

Armor of this MRAP vehicle provides all-round protection against Soviet 7.62×39 mm armor-piercing ammunition. Vehicle has a V-shaped hull. It withstands blasts equivalent to 14 kg of TNT under any wheel, or 7 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull. Vehicle has an NBC protection system.

KrAZ MPV Ambulance (KrAZ Shrek One Ambulance) is an armored ambulance. It has a crew of two and accommodates 4 stretchers with two medical attendants. Vehicle carries all essential medical equipment;
KrAZ MPV with IA (KrAZ Shrek One RCV) is a specialized route clearance vehicle. It used for route-proving and to dispose discovered mines, IEDs and other explosive hazards. Vehicle is fitted with articulated robotic arm. It is used to handle suspicious items from a distance. Crew can safely investigate anything the arm can reach. The robotic arm is used to probe, remove or place destruction charges near possible landmines. This vehicle accommodates a crew of two plus three operators.