Modernized T-90 Can Bury the Project of New Russian Tank T-14 Armata

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Modernization of the T-90S Main battle tank can be an alternative to the new Russian tank Tank T-14 Armata. The reasons for this are two – inflated price Uralvagonzavod and inconsistency approved specifications. Earlier media reports said that the russian military criticize the T-14 Armata tank for its price being too high. The manufacturer said it would work on lowering the price.

Modernization of the T-90S can provide opportunities of new generation tank at a much lower price. The proposed tank upgrades include improved automotive components, enhanced protection by reactive, passive and countermeasure systems improving the tank’s protection against guided missiles; the firepower enhancements rely on comprehensive modernization of the turret systems, including a new automatic fire control system, stabilized day/night sights and auto-tracking capability.

The modernized T-90 uses early warning threat sensors and countermeasure to protect the tank over 360 degrees. The system relies on two types of detectors, offering coarse threat detection over 270 degrees (sides and rear of the turret), employing instant multi-spectral smoke screen, while the fine threat detectors are employed over the turret’s frontal 90 degree arc, driving electro-optical countermeasures.

As told “” a senior source in the Ministry of Defense, the military is not satisfied with the price of production samples and characteristics of the prototype T-14 “Armata”. “We have two complaints: one economic plan, and the other – the process. Inflated prices are not at times, but significant. “- said the source.

The Armata is designed as a modular universal combat platform that could be used as a basis for a variety of combat vehicles, including fire support, mine clearing, heavy flame throwing and bridge laying vehicles. Although the new tank remains top-secret, Uralvagonzavod has said that its design incorporates elements seen in other projects, including Object 195 and Black Eagle. It will also reportedly feature a remotely controlled gun and fully automated loading, as well as a separate crew compartment made from composite materials and protected by multilayered armor.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry said the Russian Ground Forces will get 2,300 Armatas by 2020. But now just ordered a pilot batch of tanks and on May 9 the new tanks will take part in the Victory Day parade in Moscow.

The final decision on the purchase of machines T-14 Armata or modernized T-90 will be made in January 2015, after the official presentation.

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