Czech Republic received batch of new Tatra T-815 mortar transporters

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The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic received the batch of 40 Tatra Trucks T-815 8×8 transporters for  81 mm mortar.

The new mortar transporter is a heavy truck platform to serve as a transporter for 81 mm mortar fitted with a four-door armoured cab for the crew. The armoured cab is developed in conjunction with Plasan of Israel, protection levels are certified according to the latest STANAG 4569 and AEP-55.

The Czech Armed Forces use Tatra vehicles in all modifications, including special armored models for foreign missions. Overall, the army has about three thousand T-810s and T-815s in particular for their proven undercarriage platform.

Total the Army of the Czech Republic received 40 Tatra Trucks T-815 8×8 mortar transporters.

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