JSDF’s MRAP ‘Bushmaster’ first publish in Japan

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Japan Self-Defence Force publish MRAP(Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) ‘Bushmaster’ during an evacuation drill for overseas Japanese at Somagahara Training Area, in Gunma Prefecture, Japan on December 17, 2015.

Usually ‘Bushmaster’ operate by JGSDF Central Readiness Regiment in Japan.

4 vehicles ordered in April 2014. The Japanese Ministry of Defence has ordered four Bushmaster 4×4 armoured vehicles for deployment with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF).

The Thales Bushmaster is a highly mobile, ballistics, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) blast resistant Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV).

The standard Bushmaster Thales is equipped with a remote weapon station, armed with a 5,56 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun.


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