Isotrex Manufacturing presented Phantom APC at IDEX 2015

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Isotrex Manufacturing FZE is an innovative and quality conscious builder of custom designed armored vehicles, offering our clients safe and secure transport for use in hostile environments.

Company presented new Phantom Armoured personnel carrier (APC) at the International Defense Exhibition «IDEX – 2015». ISOTREX`s Phantom provides best in class mission diversity, mobility and payload for a B6 APC. With a 5 door configuration, with 360° gun turret and with two or three escape hatches, the Phantom allows you to customize the vehicles for purpose.



  • • Automatic AC, 2 Units (Front & Rear)
  • • 8 Gun Ports (3 Left, 3 Right & 2 Rear)
  • • Run Flat Tire Devices
  • • Ballistic steel-case fuel tank protection
  • • Heavy duty front and rear rump bumpers
  • • PROTEK Crew Seats with 5 Point Restraint System
  • • Rear View Camera with Display
  • • Self Recovery Winch
  • • Roof mounted Escape Hatch

  • • Independent Suspension
  • • Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
  • • FLIR Driver Aid System
  • • Blastek Floor Mat
  • • Roof mounted 360-degree turret with perimeter protection
  • • Navigation System
  • • Automatic Fire Suppression System


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