ISIS militants destroyed Iraqi Abrams main battle tank by anti-tank missile

ISIS militants claim to have destroyed a US-made M1A1M Abrams tank of Iraqi Army near of Mosul.

Footage of the alleged incident was released by Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS) propaganda channel. According to the video, that was released by ISIS, Iraqi M1A1M Abrams main battle tank was destroyed by Russian 9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missile.

The footage of the incident was published on Monday. Authenticity of the video could not be immediately verified.

The Kornet anti-tank missile is designed and manufactured by the Russian Company KBP Instrument Design Bureau. The Kornet is designed to defeat current and future ERA-equipped tanks, lightly armoured vehicles, fortifications and low-flying air targets in electronic and jamming environments at any time of day and night in any weather conditions.

The Kornet system comprises combat assets, maintenance facilities and training aids. The Kornet system is a powerful defense and assault weapon of motorized ubits of land forces. Kornet missiles do not required maintenance during their operations and storage.

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