Iraq looks to buy hundreds of Patria AMV 8×8 armoured vehicles

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The Iraqi army is considering is considering to buy new Patria AMV 8×8 armoured vehicles, a source told Defence Blog.

The Iraqi government has requested to buy hundreds Finnish Patria AMV wheeled armored personnel carriers in Spring 2016. The 27 tonne AMV has a crew of 3, and can carry up to 9 soldiers. A varied set of turrets and modules can configure it for different roles, from MEDEVAC (MEDical EVACuation) through to IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) or even automated mortar carrier duties.

AMV offers the best ballistic protection level in its class, providing front sector protection against APFSDS rounds up to 30 mm and excellent defence against IEDs, EFPs as well as TNT mines of up to 10 kg.

Vehicle’s high payload capacity allows a variety of weapon systems to be integrated into the vehicle, starting from 7.62 mm machine guns and extending to a 105/120 mm cannon and a 120 mm AMOS/Patria Nemo mortar system.

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