Iran unveils new «Bahman» 57mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

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Iran unveils new   domestically-produced «Bahman» 57mm self-propelled  anti-aircraft gun based on chassis KrAZ-6322.

The main weapon is the Soviet antiaircraft self-propelled guns ZSU-57.

The «Bahman» is fitted with two 57-mm S-68 guns, similar to the S-60 single towed anti-aircraft gun. These guns are air-cooled, so after firing of 50 – 60 rounds in intensive mode guns have to cool down. These guns are fed from magazines. Each magazine holds four rounds. The ZSU-57-2 fires fragmentation-tracers against air targets and armor-piercing tracers against ground targets. Direct hit of a single 57-mm round caused destruction of a fighter or attack aircraft.

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