Indonesia takes delivery of new BTR-4M amphibious armoured personnel carriers from Ukraine

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The Indonesian Marine Corps has taken delivery of the first batch of new Ukrainian BTR-4M amphibious  armoured personnel carriers.

The ship MV Texel carrying five units of new BTR-4M amphibious armoured personnel carriers arrived at the dock port of Tanjung Priok in Indonesia on September 28. In August, the ship Texel with Ukrainian  BTR-4M wheeled armoured vehicles was spotted by  during the transit of Bosphorus.

Indonesia’s needs for wheeled armoured personnel carriers are a total of 55 units. The armored vehicles are for the Marines, to replace the aging Indonesian BTR-50.

The new version of BTR-4M have Deutz engine and received the upgrade package giving it fully amphibious capabilities. The new armoured amphibious vehicle can swim at sea  and negotiate inland water obstacles without any configuration changes.

BTR-4M photo : Defence Military

BTR-4M photo : Defence Military


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