In Ukraine unveiled new self-propelled howitzer based on the wheeled Otaman 6×6 chassis

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In Ukraine during International specialized exhibition «Arms and Security – 2016» was unveiled new self-propelled howitzer based on the wheeled chassis Otaman 6×6.

The new self-propelled howitzer on a Otaman 6×6 chassis, developed by RPA «Practika», and a turret armed with a  122 mm 2A18 howitzer.  The self-propelled howitzer on a Otaman chassis was designed to engaged armoured vehicles, bunkers, fortifications, and other stationary or moving targets.

The new wheeled self-propelled howitzer developed within the «Nakat» program for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Gross weight of new  Otaman self-propelled howitzer is 16 tons. Crew – 3 – 10 people. The basic level of protection – PZSA-5. With additional ceramic protection of the machine corresponds to the level 4 to STANAG.

“Otaman” can be equipped with 7.2-liter turbodiesel Deutz possibility of 290 or 320 h.p.. Transmission – automatic, 6-speed, Allison.

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