French army to acquire 60 more units of METRAVIB SLATE sniper gunshots detection systems

Système de Localisation Acoustique de Tireur Embusqué
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Feedback from the field was excellent, the partnership with RTD was effective, and the Pacte Défense PME program in favor of SMEs proved its worth. Based on all these factors, DGA (French Army procurement agency) decided to purchase a further sixty SLATE units.

In 2012, METRAVIB supplied eighty SLATE (sniper acoustic localization system) units to equip the French army’s VAB TOP vehicles (front-line armored vehicles with remotely operated turret) manufactured by RTD (Renault Trucks Defense).

Intuitive and easy to use, the SLATE system detects and quickly locates gunshots, allowing for an extremely quick response. This one-of-a-kind system comprises a gunshot acoustic detection antenna linked to the remotely operated turret (TOP) on the vehicle. As soon as a shot is detected, the TOP semi-automatically moves to the right position to deal with the threat.

SLATE enables precious seconds to be saved in combat missions.

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