Franco-German brigade hold joint training exercise Feldberg 2016

Over 2000 German and French soldiers arrived on Luneburg Heath a few days ago as part of the largest joint training Feldberg 2016.

Soldiers of the Franco-German brigade are conducting exercises aimed at reinforcing the relationship between French and German units and to show the operational capabilities of the dual nationality unit.

Up to 2000 troops from Franco-German brigade with AMX10-RC, VBL, Fuchs, Boxer armoured vehicles and Panzerhaubitze 2000, MARS artillery systems are training their rapid deployment capabilities in the event of a threat to the alliance’s eastern flank.

The Franco-German Brigade is a special military brigade of the Eurocorps of the European Union, founded in 1989, jointly consisting of units from both the French Army and the German Army.

The Brigade was formed in 1987 following a summit between President Mitterrand of France and Chancellor Kohl of Germany. The Brigade became operational on October 2, 1989, under the command of General Jean-Pierre Sengeisen. Currently, the FGB is stationed at Müllheim, Metz, Donaueschingen, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Sarrebourg, and Immendingen as part of the Eurocorps.

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