FNSS Unveils KAPLAN-10 Armored Combat Vehicle Concept

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Turkey’s FNSS Savunma Sistemleri has unveiled a new KAPLAN-10 armored combat vehicle concept.

KAPLAN-10 is a heavy armored platform, capable of performing combined arms operations with main battle tanks. The platform design allows integration of different subsystems for full filling a variety of different roles.

KAPLAN-10 has twin 5 road wheeled tracks, has the ability operate in hot/cold weather conditions at high speed not only on asphalt and stabilized highways, but also in soft soil, muddy and rough terrains. The advanced suspension system, tracks has been designed to reduce vibration and increase road holding.

While the power pack cabin and the expanded driver area are located in front of the vehicle, the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle of the vehicle. The personnel carrier version can carry 8 troops in the rear.

Survivability systems such as, reduced thermal signature, laser warning system and sniper detection and CBRN protection systems are also applied the vehicle.

There are also laser-protected glass periscopes that allows the driver to see outside with wide angle of view which provides, high situational awareness. Integrated night vision systems is standard in all variants.