First Mercedes vehicles Made in Algeria out of the factory Tiaret

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The first all-terrain vehicles (4×4) BA6 Class G Mercedes-Benz manufactured in Algeria were released yesterday Sunday, January 4, 2015, from the plant in Tiaret and received by the central management of equipment of the Department of National Defence , said this latter in a statement.

“In the context of strengthening the combat capabilities and the operational performance of units of the National People’s Army, was made today January 4, 2015, the delivery of the first part of all-terrain vehicles (4×4 ) BA6 G Class Mercedes-Benz brand manufactured by the SPA / SAFAV (Algerian Company of Manufacturing Mercedes-Benz vehicles) in Tiaret. This operation will end on 15 January in progress, by receiving through the services of the Central Directorate of Material Ministry of National Defense, more than two hundred (200) vehicles registered under the 2014 program.

The manufacture of these vehicles will continue, from March 2015, with the launch on the same site, of the Sprinter Vans Mercedes-Benz brand manufacturing in its various versions (transport personnel, ambulance, goods …).


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