Final Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle Delivered

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BAE have delivered the final Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV). There are now 60 vehicles delivered from what has been a troubled development and manufacturing phase. The production facility at BAE in Newcastle has been sold to Pearson Engineering.

Product description from BAE.

Likened to a combat ‘Swiss Army Knife’, Terrier is one of the most versatile, agile and adaptable combat vehicles and can carry out multiple roles in the most demanding battlefield conditions. Typical applications include providing mobility support (obstacle and route clearance), counter-mobility (digging of anti-tank ditches and other obstacles) and survivability (digging of trenches and Armoured Fighting Vehicle slots). With a flying weight of 32 tonnes, which allows it to be transported in the A400M airlifter, Terrier provides strategic air transportability as well as being extremely mobile on the ground on all terrains, reaching speeds of up to 70 kph and with a road range of 600k

Terrier CEV is a capable and deployable vehicle with many advanced features like remote control and the UK’s A400M aircraft will have a specially modified floor to carry one.

Although the Pearson Engineering Bridge Launch Mechanism (Medium) has been tested on Warrior I could see Terrier being used to carry BR90 bridge components like the No 12 Bridge in support of SV Scout for example. It does not have the same protection or capacity as the larger Titan and Trojan but they are double the weight.

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