Exclusive: Ukraine can produce Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on Oplot tank chassis

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The Ukrainian defence companies can produce new heavy infantry fighting vehicle based on the Oplot main battle tank.

The project of new heavy infantry fighting vehicle has working title Berserk, a source told Defence Blog on 30 January.

The Berserk is a heavy infantry fighting vehicle is designed and produced on the basis of Oplot main battle tank (MBT). Also, the fighting vehicle has cannonproof armor and forward located engine-transmission compartment, the bottom of which contains additional anti-mine protection.

The vehicle is equipped with brand new multiple protection systems:

  •  diversity, multi-layered combined stationary armor with elements of composite materials;
  • ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour);
  • Active protection system.

Crew has a possibility to 360 degrees range operation view.

More details coming soon!

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