Czech company unveils new PERUN special operations vehicle at DSEI 2017

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The SVOS Company is unveiling the new PERUN special operations vehicle at the DSEI defence exhibition in London.

The Perun is a new multi-purpose armoured vehicle PERUN (4×4 and 6×6) and developed for the Czech Special Forces. The Perun is a new generation of multi-purpose armoured vehicles with great versatility in combat and flexibility in integration, as well as vehicles with very effective in urban and off-road operations.

According to the company, the new vehicle can carry a total of 6 military personnel, with driver and commander at the front, three people in the middle and there is one more seat at the rear. The Perun has a GVW of 13,000 kg with a kerb weight of 10,400 kg including ballistic and mine protection and a payload capacity of 2,600 kg.

Measuring 6 m long, 2.3 m wide, and 2.6 m tall, the vehicle has a wheelbase of 3.8 m and a track width of 1.97 m. It is air transportable via the C-130 Hercules medium airlifter.

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