Convoy training at the training range in the hills of Koulikoro of Mali

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Convoy training at the training range in the hills of Koulikoro of Mali. Mali military use VLRA (Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle) tactical military trucks developed by the French ACMAT company.

These trucks are optimized for used by special and rapid deployment forces. The VLRA is the baseline vehicle of the ACMAT range, which includes over 80 models. This company produces up to 1 200 various vehicles per year. All ACMAT vehicles have a high degree of parts commonality. These military trucks are used by the French Army, as well as over 40 countries worldwide. These vehicles are also used for various civilian applications.

With a range of up to 1400 km and a 180-litre water tank, the VLRA’s mobility is exceptional. Its design, modularity, ruggedness, standardized components and low maintenance costs make it a vehicle particularly well-suited to operations in hostile environments, notably in Africa and the Middle East, where its all-terrain performance has been proven under the most extreme conditions.





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