Slovakian company made a practical demonstration of Aligator armoured vehicle in Indonesia

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The Defence Company Kerametal from Slovakia made a practical demonstration of its new Aligator Master II  armoured vehicle in Indonesia.

The Kerametal has unveiled the third generation of its 4×4 armoured vehicle Aligator under the name of Aligator Master II for Indonesian Marine Corps. The Aligator Master II has a total weight of 3,200 kg with a maximum payload of 750 kg. The vehicle can reach a maximum road speed of 130 km/h.

The third generation of Aligator 4×4 armoured vehicle is fully designed and developed by Slovak engineers and is also manufactured in Slovakia.

At IDEB 2016  Igor Junas (CEO of Kerametal) repoted that  several foreign countries have already shown interest for the new Aligator Master II, mainly from Asia. The company has already recorded its first orders.


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