China unveils new HQ-22 surface-to-air missile weapon system at Airshow China 2016

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China has revealed its latest generation of  surface-to-air missile weapon system at the Airshow China 2016.

The new HQ-22 is an all-weather medium-long range air defense weapon system. The new surface-to-air missile weapon system can attack 3rd generation fighters, armed helicopter and medium and high UAV and other aerodynamic targets. It is highly capable of anti-interference and mobile operation.

The HQ-22 has large kill airspace ranges up to 150-170 km at an altitude from 50 to 27,000m which super adaptive anti-jamming capacity with several anti-jamming measures.

The HQ-22 have FK-3 export version.  It is capable of intercepting various targets like fixed-wing aircraft (including UAV), cruise missiles, tactical air-to-surface missiles, armed helicopters, etc. Killing zone: slant range 5km-100km/altitude 0.05km-27km.

FK-3 Photo by Mikhail Zherdev

FK-3 Photo by Mikhail Zherdev

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