Brazil Sends More Troops to Troubled State

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Brazil’s government has deployed more soldiers and military vehicles to Espirito Santo ( is one of the states of southeastern Brazil) following deaths of over 100 people during week of police strike.

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The Brazilian army has said that it will deploy more troops, armoured vehicles and military aviation to a southeastern state to fill a security vacuum where the police force has been on strike for a week.

The intention is to help stabilize the state of Espírito Santo, which is experiencing a wave of violence resulting from the strike of the Police. According to the Union of Civil Police of Espírito Santo (Sindipol), 146 citizens were killed in the state during this period. The police return to work gradually and join the 3,000 military of the Armed Forces that are present in the state.

Locals say the city is lawless, and most shops and schools remain closed.

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