Bogdan Corporation plans to develop GAZ-66 light utility trucks replacement

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine will move forward with plans to replace its light utility trucks. The Ukrainian Army uses an aging fleet of GAZ-66 light utility trucks and now is looking to purchase a new all-wheel-drive cargo truck.

The Bogdan Corporation is developed new Bogdan 3373 light utility truck to replace an aging GAZ-66s. The Bogdan 3373 was simple in design and technology. The new truck based on the Hyundai HD72 model produced.

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The Bogdan 3373  is powered by a 3.9-liter Diesel engine D4DB meets the Euro 2, developing 130 hp.  The vehicle can operate in climatic conditions ranging from -50°C to +50°C.  The all-wheel drive design was developed jointly with BS (South Korea). The Bogdan 3373 don’t have a locking differential.

The GAZ-66 had been produced for 35 years. Its production ceased in 1999. Nearly 1 000 000 of these trucks were built. The GAZ-66 is still used by the Ukrainian Army, many ex-Warsaw Pact armed forces and wherever Soviet influence has spread. Many are used throughout the Middle East and nations in Africa.


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