BMD-4M Infantry Fighting Vehicle Field Trials

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BMD-4M Infantry Fighting Vehicle Field Trials. The BMD-4 is an amphibious russian infantry fighting vehicle. BMD-4M – A variant with a nodular unification with the BMP-3. The BMD-4M was unveiled by Kurganmashzavod in 2008. This vehicle retains the Bakhcha-U turret with a number of other innovations. Overall crew protection is ensured.

Special lightweight and durable alloys make this possible without the vehicle losing its ability to swim or be airdropped. The more powerful and compact engine of the BMP-3 is integrated into the BMD-4M; providing 500 hp.

In general, the unification of units, plants, and systems of the modernized BMD-4 chassis with the same units, plants and systems of BMP-3 is 80%. This decreases the expenses of the airborne assault vehicle servicing in the army allowing a significant reduction of service maintenance of airborne combat vehicles in the army.







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