Belarus held massive military parade

The official Independence day is celebrated on July 3, on the day of liberation of the Belarusian capital from German invaders. Such decision was taken by the republican referendum held in1996. Earlier the Independence day had been commemorated on July 27, its celebration being coincided with the day of passing the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1990.

The parade was led by the Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Andrei Ravkov and Deputy Ccommander of the Defense Ministry, Major-General Sergey Potapenko.

Belarus is an independent state that pursues a peaceful policy, President Alexander Lukashenko emphasized in a solemn speech. The unchanging principle of the Belarusian state is the equality of all states and their non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

The head of the state pointed to high combat readiness of the Belarusian army. It is modernized, mobile, well trained and armed. A significant contribution to improving the combat readiness of the army is made by the national defense-industrial complex. And today can name more than a hundred samples of Belarusian military products, which are fundamentally new innovative products.

Belarus is proud of its army and is doing everything necessary to increase its fighting efficiency. The armed forces are equipped with modern military and special equipment, the latest technologies are being introduced into the command and control systems of the troops. This is clearly confirmed by the participants of the parade.

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