Azerbaijan’s Ildirim mine resistant ambush protected vehicle makes debut at ADEX 2016

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Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry shown for the first time at ADEX 2016  – 2nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition in Baku, Azerbaijan is the Ildirim mine resistant ambush protected vehicle.

The new vehicle developed in partnership with South African Mobile Land Systems company.

The new  Ildirim (English:  Lightning) is a mine-resistant light armored vehicle. The Ildirim based on the Caprivi Mk3 armoured personnel carrier designed by Mobile Land Systems (Pty) Ltd.

According to the manufacturer armored offers protection STANAG 4569 3B, which is equivalent to undermining the 8 kg of explosives under the vehicle, and STANAG 4569 4A, the corresponding erosion of 16 kg of explosives under the wheel.

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