Armored Humvee of UAE armed with missiles «Kornet-E»

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Armored Humvee of UAE armed with missiles «Kornet-E» spotted in Yemen

This is unarmoured KBP 9P163-2 Kvartet turret, armed with four laser-guided Kornet-E anti-tank missiles.

«Kornet-E» – semi-automatic laser beam riding missile is effective at ranges of 100 – 5,500 m’ in daytime and up to 3,500 m’ at night. The missile utilizes a tandem shaped charge anti-tank warhead or a thermobaric (fuel-air explosive) charge, for anti-personnel and anti-material blast and incendiary effect. The manufacturer claims penetration of 1,200mm of steel armor or 4.5 meters of concrete. The NATO designation of the Kornet is AT-14.


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