Arctic infantry test drive new Ruslan ATV on mountainous snow in Russia

Russia’s Defence Ministry released footage of drills involving the new Ruslan All-Terrain-Vehicle which has been designed for operations in artic conditions, in Murmansk.

The Arctic Motorized Infantry division tested the vehicle over some of the roughest terrain as temperatures plummeted to -13 Celsius.

The Ruslan is the civilian TTM-4902 amphibious tracked vehicle procured for the Russian Ground Forces. Developed by JSC Transport in collaboration with the University of Nizhny Novgorod, the TTM-4902 has a KamaZ 300-horsepower turbo-diesel engine and can carry up to 22 persons or 2.5 tons of cargo.

Originally designed to service arctic pipelines of Russia’s oil industry, the TTM-4902 has four sets of independently powered tracks to give it good performance over rough and snowy terrain. The vehicle has wide treads giving it a good ground pressure ratio over snow, so the Arctic cruiser can make 29 miles per hour on the road and 5 mph in the water.

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