Alakran mortar carrier system secured first export order from a Middle-East customer

Spain’s New Technologies Global Systems (NTGS) Alakran 120 mm mortar carrier systems has confirmed first export order from an unidentified Middle-East customer.

According to the Defenсe Blog sources, Qatar or Saudi Arabia signed a deal with the NTGS for the procurement of 100 Alakran 120 mm mortar system mounted in a pick up vehicle.

Alakran is the world lightest mortar carrier system. Its innovative design allows the use in 1 Ton payload vehicle.  The advantage of this systems is the ability to relocate not only allows fire support to be provided where it is needed faster but also allows these units to avoid counter-battery fire.

High accuracy thanks to its automatic aiming, high firepower (6 shoots per minute  – manual loading).

Alakran needs 12 seconds to deliver firepower and only 5 seconds to be out of action. This extraordinary capability together with its logistic vehicle appearance makes Alakran a formidable weapon system.

Alakran 120 mm lightest mortar carrier system for an unidentified Middle-East export customer and these will be integrated onto a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 vehicle.

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