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Indonesian SAMs Break Cover, Promising Enhanced Anti-UAV Capability

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The new Land Rover-based surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems destined for Indonesia went on public display for the first time at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD 2014) exhibition at Millbrook Proving Ground on 25 June. Indonesia ordered the Thales Starstreak SAMs as part of a wider ForceShield air defence package in January 2014 and is understood…

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PT (AIU) showing it’s 2nd Model of 6×6 Transport Truck

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Alam Indomesin Utama, PT (AIU) showing it’s 2nd Model of 6×6 Transport Truck. Side by side w/ new rocket launcher, this truck using the same Mercedes Engine. PT AIU build this truck from scratch, from nothing to something. This is the final appearance of our 6×6 Transport Truck Model. Using Mercedes Benz Engine, 6×6 drive…

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